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Pippa Funnelll and Billy ShannonSara Ostholt Algotsson and Mrs MedicottPiggy French and DHI Topper WPiggy French & DHI Topper WMichael Jung & River of JoyClayton Fredericks and BendigoWilliam Fox-Ptt and GauchoDonatien Schauly and Pivoine Des TouchesVittoria Panizzon  and Borough PennyzAlex Hua Tian and Furst LoveJulian Stiller and Gunstone WallstreetYumira Takayuki & HooliganPaul Hart and  Carlow MillerJohner Benoit Lit-Il Peccau CHRuy Fonseca and Idaho D'ArgonneLogan Rawlings & Jaybee Star Celebrity