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Roberto Rotatori and Della Malaspina Irham De ViagesSperanza Maria Gardini and FreetownFrancesco Zaza and Joli Roger IIIVittoria Panizzon and Rock ModelSusanna Bordone and AvaAndrey Korshunov and FabiyPavel Sergeev and GalofitFrank Ostholt and Air Jordan 2Ingrid Klimke and FRH Butts AbraxxasHinrich Romeike and Marius Voigt-LogistikBettina Hoy and Ringwood CockatooBeeke Kaack and Sinjang 2Peter Thomsen and The Ghost of HamishKim Lowe and Call BackPeter T Flarup and Silver RayBritt-May Kattrup and VictorMarco Biasia and EcuGabriele Savoni and RayarronStefano Brecciaroli and Striking HieghtsFrancesca Simoncini and Terra Nova II