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Nastenko Mikhail and Coolroy PiterCaroline Powell and LenamoreZara Phillips and High KingdomZara Phillips and High KingdomWilliam Fox-Pitt and LionheartRuy Fonseca and Tom Bombadill TooRenan Santos Guerreiro and KennyVittoria Panizzon and Borough PennyzAlena Tseliapushkina and PassatAndrew Heffernan and Millthyme CapucinoPeter Thomsen and BarnyDonatien Schauly and Oscarina Du ChanoisKaren O'Connor and Mr MedicottPhilip Dutton and Mystery WhisperNina Ligon and Butts LeonMark Todd and CampinoJonelle Richards and FlintstarCaroline Powell and LenamoreJonathan Paget and Clifton PromiseAndrew Nicholson and Nereo