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William Fox-Pitt and Neuf De CoeurWilliam Fox-Pitt and SeacookieAndrew Nicholson and Cruise ControlBettina Hoy and Lanfranco TSFKathryn Robinson and Let It BeeKirsty Short and Cossan LadEmily Llewellyn and JuniorEmily Llewellyn and JuniorWills Oakden and McFlyPolly Jackson and Highland CharmNiklas Bschorer and Ballyengland RebelCedric Lyard and Cadeau Du RoiLynn Symansky and DonnerIzzy Taylor and KBIS Briarlands MatildaLara de Liedekerke and Quella LangonnaiseLucy Wiegersma and Simon PorloeCaroline Powell and Onwards and UpwardsSara Algotsson-Ostholt and Little PaintMarilyn Little and RF Demeter