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Caroline Powell and Boston Two TipJonathan Paget and Clifton PromiseAndrew Nicholson and NereoRuth Edge and Carnival Prince IIRuth Edge and Carnival Prince IINick Gauntlett and ElectronVirginie Caulier and Nepal du SudreIngrid Klimke and FRH Butts AbraxxasMichael Jung and Weideaunprofi's River of JoyKai Ruder and Leprincedes BoisFrank Ostholt and Mr MedicottKai-Steffen Meier and TSF Karascada MMark Todd and ChuckleberryJonathan PagetAndrew NicholsonJoe Meyer and SanskritNicola Wilson and Bee DiplomaticDirk Schrade and Gadget De La CereStefano Brecciaroli and Apollo Van De Wendi Kurt Hoeve