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Mary King and Imperial CavalierNicola Wilson and Annie CloverBen Hobday and Mulrys ErrorBill Levett and Shannondale TitanAndrew Nicholson and Sintra BKAoife Clarke and Master CrusoeNicola Wilson and Beltane QueenNicola Wilson and Beltane QueenNicola Wilson and Beltane QueenWilliam Fox-Pitt and Chilli MorningJoe Wise and High HandedNicola Wilson and Annie CloverNicola Wilson and Annie CloverOliver Townend and Pepper AnneJonty Evans and Winston IIIMary King and Kings TemptressMary King and Kings TemptressWilliam Fox-Pitt and Parklane HawkZara Phillips and Lord LauriesZara Phillips and Lord Lauries