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Jonelle PriceGroom Julia Harsch walks back after trotting up SamMark Todd (NZL) and  Leonidas IIBill Levett (AUS) and  ImproviseAbigail BoultonGeorgie Strang (GBR) and  Cooley Business TimeAbigail Boulton (GBR) and  Tilston Tic TocCharlotte Agnew (GBR) and  Out Of Africa TwoAlan Nolan (IRL) and  Bronze FlightCharlotte Agnew (GBR) and  Out Of Africa TwoCharlotte Agnew (GBR) and  Out Of Africa TwoJodie Amos (GBR) and  Wise CrackEmilie Chandler (GBR) and  Coopers LawLynn Symansky (USA) and  DonnerRosalind Canter (GBR) and  Allstar BRosalind Canter (GBR) and  Allstar BPaul Tapner (AUS) and  Vanir KamiraHannah Bate (GBR) and  Finbury HillPaul Sims (GBR) and  GlengarnockOliver Townend (GBR) and  Dromgurrihy Blue