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Dan Evans of Team Elite/Paul Bethall ElectricalLee Baldwin of Champion System/VCUKDan Evans of Team Elite/Paul Bethall ElectricalAdam Hartley of PH-MAS CyclingLee Baldwin of Champion System/VCUKThomas Brook of Lancaster CCMark Nulty of Glossop Kinder VeloAdam Hartley of PH-MAS CyclingMark Nulty of Glossop Kinder VeloHenry Cash of Holmfirth C CChris Smith of Condor Road ClubAndrew Laycock of Clitheroe Bike ClubJim Henderson of Southport CCNiall Paterson of Velo Club CumbriaNiall Paterson of Velo Club CumbriaDavid Trotter of Lancaster CCSam Mansfield of Champion System/VCUKShelton de Lima of 100% MEHolly Carter of Manchester Wheelers ClubAlex Auty of Cycle Sport Pendle