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Andrew Nicholson and Mr Cruise ControlWilliam Fox-Pitt and  LionheartLucy Wiegersma and Simone PorloeLucy Wiegersma and Simone PorloeNicolas Touzaint and Hidalgo De L'IleLukasz kazmierrczak and OstlerLukasz kazmierrczak and OstlerAndrew Nicholson ArmadaWilliam Fox-Pitt and OsloBeanie Sturgess and LebowskiBeanie Sturgess and LebowskiIzzy Talor and Briarlands MatildaPascal Leroy and Glenburn  Du LiouJulia Dungworth and Star QualityJan Van Beeke and TroyLucy Wiegersma and Granntevkra PrinceEddy Sans and Mayland De BrunelEddy Sans and Mayland De BrunelHarold Ambros and O-FeltizAndrew Nicholson and Henry Tsankerville