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Richard Skelt  and By the WayMary Lofthouse and Bradeley LawOwen Cooper and Sunhill RockyKatey Cuthbertson and PersiflageLouise Lyons and Ballinasillogue CavalierBen Hobday and Consult ZOliver Townend and Skyhills CavalierEliza Stoddart and Strike a PoseKai Ruder and GryffindorLottie Williams and AdorijkeAntoinette McKeowen and Majestic LightCamilla Speirs BT Border BanditPolly Stockton and Jeepers CreepersPolly Stockton and Jeepers CreepersPolly Stockton and West Wood MarinerAntoinette McKeowen and ASammi McLeod and KintaraAnna Cherry and Well Known GPaul Tapner and Indian MillSammi McLeod and Shannondale Santiago