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Pippa Funnelll nd RedesignedPippa Funnelll nd RedesignedLaura Collett and Noble BestmanHannah Bate and Finbury HillHannah Bate and Finbury HillTina Coudray and Ringwood MagisterAlberto Hermoso and Hito CPPaul Tapner and KilronanDirk Schrade and King ArtusOlivia Wilmot and Cool DancerZara Phillips and High kingdomIngrid Klimke and FRH Butts AbraxxasIngrid Klimke and FRH Butts AbraxxasAstier Nicholasand Piaf De B'NevilleAnna Warnecke and Twinkle BeeMattia Luciani and Parko 4Rebecca Howard and Riddle MasterMegan HeathMegan Heath and St. DanielPeter Hannigan and First Mate