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Ingrid Klimke and Tabasco TSFIngrid Klimke and Tabasco TSFLucinda Green and Cry FreedomBenjamin Winter and ISPOClarke Johnstone and Easy TigerAlice Dunston and Fernhill PresentZara Phillips and Lord LauresIzzy Taylor and Thistledown PopskiBenjamin Winter and Woolpit AmbleKrry Varley and Bluestone LukeBettina Hoy and Lanfranco TSFEmily Llewellyn and Pardon Me IIKarim LAghoug and Punch  De L'EsquesJulian Stiller and Enjoy MeSam Griffiths and Real DancerKevin McNab and Clifton PinotIzzy Taylor and OrlandoLucy Jackson and Willy DoLucy Jackson and Willy DoIngrid Klimke and Tabasco TSF