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Karin Donckers and ValentijnHerve Letheux  and only You de la TriballeMartin Maivald and Przedvit XXIX - HarwySandra Auffarth and Opgun LouvoLucy Jackson and Kilcoltrim AmbassadorPeter Flarup and ChanelAndrew Nicholson and Tristar IILouise Codd and Westwinds El DivoMichael Jackson and JagganathWouter De Cleene and Ballynoecastle CloverSebastien Cavaillon and Only one du ReverdyPaul Tapner and Wickstead DigeridooMalin Larsson and Barny 47Aurelien Kahn and Princess PilotJoe Meyer and Clifton ChatterMalin Larsson and Barny 47Karin Donckers and ValentijnLucy Jackson and Kilcoltrim AmbassadorLucy Jackson and Kilcoltrim AmbassadorAndrew Nicholson and Tristar II