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Mary King and Apache SauceEmily Baldwin and DrivetimeEmily Baldwin and DrivetimeDag Albert and Tubber RebelLucy Jackson Willy DoKristina Cook and Miners FrolicKristina Cook and Miners FrolicLaura Collett and RayefIzzy Taylor and Briarlands MatildaIzzy Taylor and Briarlands MatildaAnna Hilton and Mr DalbyLouise Harwood and Thornfield MurrayNick Gauntlett and Willows AscentNick Gauntlett and Willows AscentNicolas Astier and Jhakti Du JanlieNicolas Astier and Jhakti Du JanlieJoseph Murhy and Electric CruiseSamantha Albert and Carraigh DubhSamantha Albert and Carraigh DubhOliver Townend and Arctic Mouse