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Lynn Swift and Opposition BuzzWilliam Fox-Pitt with baby girl Chloe RoseNicola Wilson walking the  SJ Course at Burghley Horse TrialsErik Duvander congratulates Jonathan Paget after his Dressage testWill Connell and Mandy Stibbe congratulate Nicola Wilson after her dressage testNicola Wilson and Opposition Buzz after their dressageWilliam Fox-Pitt withhis sonJeanette Brakewell being Interviewd following her Dressage testNicola Wilson and Opposition BuzzJeanette Brakewell and Lets Dance in the Dressage Warm up AreaJeanette Brakewell and Lets Dance in the Dressage Warm up AreaNicola Wilson and Opposition BuzzClayton FredericksEmily Llewellyn Walks the CourseNicola Wilson and Opposition Buzz in b the dressage arena for acclimatisationNicola Wilson and Opposition Buzz entrer the dressage arena for acclimatisationPiggy French and Westwood MarinerWilliam Fox-Pitt and Ingrid Klimke