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Piggy French and PicassoNicola Wilson and Ballyengland RebelDag Albert and Tubber RebelLaura Collet and Ginger May KillinghurstPiggy French and ParisPiggy French and ParisJeanette Brakewell and Take it 2 the LimitHarry Meade and Wild LoneJeanette Brakewell and RegulusLucy Jackson and Animator IIRichard Jones  and Incan WinterCatherine Burrell and Ballycoog ImpPiggy French and PicassoPiggy French and ParisAlice Pearson and Beau BearRebecca Crosbie-Starling and Harveys CouragePiggy French and PicassoNick Gauntlett and ElektronJayne Doherty and The Only OneNicola Wilson and Ballyengland Rebel