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Piggy French and DHI Topper WClayton Fredericks and Waterstown DonZara Philips and High KingdomGeorgie Spence and WII LimboOliver Townend and ODT Sonas RovatioPiggy French and DHI Topper WPiggy French and DHI Topper WBeeke Kaack and Judy 80William Fox-Pitt and Parklane HawkLucy Jackson and Animator IIEmma Hyslop and  U Zermie 56Lucy Wiegersma and Woodfalls CometLucy Wiegersma and Woodfalls CometRuth Edge and RogersdaleAndrew Nicholson and Viscount GeorgeAndrew Nicholson and Viscount GeorgeGeorgie Spence and Bow House MandalinOlver Townend and Pepper Anne