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Amy PhillipsAmy PhillipsArianna SchivoBettina Hoy and Wicro Quibus N.O.P.Cathal Daniels (IRL) and Rioghan RuaChristopher BartleChristopher BartleChristopher Bartle and Laura CollettFrench SupportGiovanni Ugolotti (ITA) and Note WorthyGiovanni Ugolotti (ITA) and Note WorthyGiovanni Ugolotti (ITA)Giovanni Ugolotti (ITA)Giovanni UgolottiIngrid Klimke (GER) and SAP Hale Bob OLDJulia Krajewski being interviewed on the cross country courseKai Rüder (GER) and Colani SunriseKarin Donckers with Laura Loge (BEL) and Absolut AllegroKitty King (GBR) and Vendredi BiatsKitty King (GBR) and Vendredi Biats