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Aliene Ruyter (NED) and BombaAndreas Dibowski (GER) and FRH Corrida and Anna Siemer (GER) and FRH Butt's Avondale.Andreas Dibowski (GER) and FRH CorridaAnna Siemer (GER) and FRH Butt's AvondaleAnna Siemer (GER) and FRH Butt's AvondaleAnna-Katharina Vogel (GER) and DSP Quintana PArianna Schivo (ITA) and Quefira de l'OrmeauCamille Guyot (SUI) and Ulsan de LacoreeCathal Daniels (IRL) and Rioghan RuaChristoph Wahler (GER) and Carjatan SCiaran Glynn (IRL) and November NightEbba Adnervik (SWE) and ChippiehEbba Adnervik (SWE) and ChippiehEliska Opravilova (CZE)  and Dunkas AFelix Etzel (GER) and BanditGiovanni Ugolotti (ITA) and Note WorthyHarold Ambros (AUT) and Lexicon 2Hugo Laschet (BEL) and Ichak de MonfirakIlonka Kluytmans (NED) and Image of RosesIlonka Kluytmans (NED) and Image of Roses