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Sharon Hunt and Just Maisie IIAustin O'Connor and Balham HoudiniAustin O'Connor and Balham HoudiniAndrew James and MovistarAndrew James and MovistarMark Kyle and Loughton PearlMark Kyle and Loughton PearlCaroline Powell and MacamoreDee Hankey and Chequers PlayboyDaisy Berkeley and Koyuna Sun StormDaisy Berkeley and Koyuna Sun StormRichard Skelt and By the WayRichard Skelt and By the WayAustin O'Connor and GFG Rambo ManEmma Hyslop and Waldo being stopped on CourseDaisey Berkeley and MopaniCaroline Powell and Up Up and AwayRichard Skelt and Man HuntMichael Jackson and Leighland PearlHelen Waterhouse and Pebbly Flux