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Alexander Bragg (GBR) and  ZagrebAlexander Bragg (GBR) and  ZagrebAlicia Hawker (GBR) and  Charles RRAlicia Hawker (GBR) and  Charles RRAndrew Nicholson (NZL) and  Swallow SpringsAndrew Nicholson (NZL) and  Swallow SpringsAndrew NIcholsonArianna Schivo (ITA) and  Quefira de l'OrmeauBecky Woolven (GBR) and  Charlton Down RiverdanceBecky Woolven (GBR) and  Charlton Down RiverdanceBen Hobday (GBR) and  Harelaw WizardBen Hobday (GBR) and  Harelaw WizardBen Hobday (GBR) and  Harelaw WizardBill Levett (AUS) and  Lassban Diamond LiftBill Levett (AUS) and  Lassban Diamond LiftCamille Lejeune (FRA) and  Tahina des IslesChristopher Burton (AUS) and  Cooley LandsClara Loiseau (FRA) and  Wont WaitClara Loiseau (FRA) and  Wont WaitClare Abbott (IRL) and  Euro Prince