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Holly Woodhead (GBR) and DHI LupisonHolly Woodhead (GBR) and DHI LupisonJodie Stokes (GBR) and Mister MaccondyAoife  Clark (IRL) riding Kings Advocate IIAoife  Clark (IRL) riding Kings Advocate IIAoife Clark (IRL) and Pink GinMelissa Townshend (GBR) and Straight ChoiceMelissa Townshend (GBR) and Straight ChoiceRyuzo  Kitajima (JPN) and Poachers HopeHazel Towers (GBR) and Simply SmartHazel Towers (GBR) and Simply SmartToshiyuki  Tanaka (JPN) and Kelecyn PirateDaisy Berkeley (GBR) and Strike SmartlyGeorgie Strang (GBR) and  Cooley EarlGeorgie Strang (GBR) and  Cooley EarlJodie Amos (GBR) and Figaro Van Het BroekxhofLaura Collett (GBR) and Pamero 4William Fox-Pitt (GBR) and Parklane HawkWilliam Fox-Pitt (GBR) and Chilli MorningFlora Harris (GBR) and Bayano