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Nick Gauntlett and ElectronJoe Meyer and SanskritPaul Tapner and Stormhill MichaelMichael Jung and Weidezaunprofi's River of JoyMichael Jung and LeopinVirginie Caulier and Nepal du SudreAndreas Dibowski and Euroridings Butts LeonAndreas Dibowski and Euroridings Butts LeonAndrew Nicholson and NereoAndrew Nicholson and NereoEmily Baldwin and DrivetimeEmily Baldwin and DrivetimeNicola Wilson and Ruth Edge watching DressageSusanna Bordone and Blue MossDirk Schrade and King ArtusCaroline Powell, Andrew Nicholson and Mark Todd watch the DressageJoe Meyer and SanskritJoe Meyer and SanskritKai Ruder and Leprince des BoisKai Ruder and Leprince des Bois