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Nicola Wilson and Beltane Queen Warming Up before DressageOliver TownendCaroline  Powell and Onwards and UpwardsJohanin Lund Preparing for DressageJohanin Lund Preparing for DressageLast Minute prepartions for ShowjumpingMark Todd Prepares to leave the Start boxMark Todd take a JumpBill Levett at the parade of competitorsGiovanni Ugolotti watching DressagePaul Sims and Glengarnock at the Parade of CompetitorsKai-Steffen Meier and  Capt Mark PhilipsKai-Steffen Meier Talking to Capt Mark PhilipsKai-Steffen Meier watch Laras TestBill Levett and Paul Tapner Walking the Course at BadmintonLynn Swift with Annie Clover in front of Badminton HouseLynn Swift with Annie Clover in front of Badminton HouseGiovanni Ugolotti anf Tim Price in front of Badminton HouseSara Algotsson Ostholt and Frank Ostholt prepare Reality 39 for Dressage