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Daniel Alderson and Cloud AtlasHannah Bate and Bliss IIIGenevieve Clarke and UchinPolly Stockton and Winston IXPolly Stockton and Winston IXSara Holmes and Lowhill CloverNana Dalton and Calvino IISophie Beaty and StanlySophie Beaty and StanlyLucy Bouden and WhistlejackLucy Bouden and WhistlejackJack Leese and Ballyell Dash of ClassRichard Waygood and Luther IIRichard Waygood and Luther IIEva Carrier and CavettoAdam Harvey and Dassett ZoolanderHannahBate and Aspen AspireDuarte Seabra and Deli DynamicJames Sommerville and ToucanoOliver Townend and Tis a Beauty