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Ellie Hughes and Short ChangedTalia Laghzaoui and Monarchs rebel ZLoretta Johnson and JackattackHelen West and Foxdon Sunny JimSophie Callard and Wonder IIEmily Baldwin and Rinwood CooleyHolly Bradshaw and Stellor RhodesGinny Howe and CreesloughAlex Postolowski and TrevarthBrook Staples and Doonaveeragh O SixBrook Staples and Doonaveeragh O SixLaura Collett and ControeLaura Collett and ControeLaura Collett and ControeSelina Milnes and Cooley on ShowNiklas Bschorer and Lord ShostakovichNiklas Bschorer and Lord ShostakovichAlice Dunsdon and Wolf ToneAlicia Hawker and Nankin Des RuettesNici Wilson and Star Striker