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Nicola Wilson (GBR) riding Watermill VisionTom McEwen (GBR) riding Toledo De KerserPippa Funnell (GBR) riding Billy The BizPippa Funnell (GBR) riding Billy The BizEmily Gilruth (GBR) riding Topwood BeauSophie Brown (GBR) riding WilTyler Cassells (GBR) riding GrandslamTyler Cassells (GBR) riding GrandslamIzzy Taylor (GBR) riding Its ChicoKristina Cook (GBR) riding De Novo NewsAlex Postolowsky (GBR) riding Islanmore GingerSophie Beaty (GBR) riding NavigatorPolly Stockton (GBR) riding Imperial TrumpPolly Stockton (GBR) riding Imperial TrumpConstantin Van Rijckevorsel, (BEL) riding Goodwins ReefRuth Edge (GBR) riding The Winter KingCaroline Powell (NZL) riding Onwards and UpwardsNicola Wilson (GBR) riding Annie CloverNicola Wilson (GBR) riding Annie Clover