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Kayte Oram-Evennett and Captain HookEmma Clucas and CarbantosEmma Clucas and CarbantosAlexander Peternell and Never Say NoCharlotte  Giraud ad Pemba des CarrieresCharlotte  Giraud ad Pemba des CarrieresFranka Luedeke and Cero songConstance Copestake and Cunliffe ChameleonChristine Hardinge and Crown meteoriteYasmin Sanderson and Opposition Angel OneCaroline Blin Delamare and Bessa V ZSophie Aylmer and J'S Super saucyRhianwen Lleweyln and The PhilosopherCharlotte Vincent and Gew Tok-TokkieOlivia Simonazzi and Direct QuestRichard Waygood and Luther IITom Jackson and King Kong KennyFranka Luedeke and Cero songFranka Luedeke and Cero song