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Rosalind Cantor and ZensheraPiggy French and JakataPiggy French and Westwood MarinerPiggy French and JakataPiggy French and JakataPiggy French and JakataOliver Townend and Black Tie IIEmily Llewellyn and Junior IIBettina Hoy and Designer 10Bettina Hoy and Designer 10Charlotte Agnew and Out of Africa TwoMark Todd NZB CampinoClaas Hermann Romeike and CATO 60Claas Hermann Romeike and CATO 60Stacey Shimmons and Orions PromiseAlexander Peternell and AsihPolly Jackson and PapillonLara De  Liederkerke and Quella LangonnaiseLara De  Liederkerke and Quella LangonnaiseNicola Wilson and Ngong Hills