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Spectators brave the rain for the trot upCaroline Powell and LenamoreCaroline Powell and LenamoreCamilla Speirs and Portersize just a JiffAlex Hua Tian and JeansMary King and Imperial CavalierMary King and Kings TemptressAndrew NicholsonAndrew Nicholson and AveburyKarin DonckersAndrew Nicholson and NereoSS Jett QuartermarksLouise SkeltonWilliam Fox-Pitt and Sea CookieWilliam Fox-Pitt and MacchiatoRuth Edge and Nick of ThymeRuth Edge and Nick of ThymePaul Tapner and Stormhill MichaelBill Levett and HippolyteEmily Llewellyn and Pardon Me II