Aaron Millar (GBR) and KEC DeakonAistis Vitkauskas (LUT) and Commander VGAlexander Bragg (GBR) and QuindivaAlice Casburn (GBR) and TopspinAlice Casburn (GBR) and TopspinAndrew James (GBR) and Celtic Morning StarAnna-Katharina Vogel (GER) and DSP Quintana PArthur Marx (FRA) and Church'IleAustin O'Connor (IRL) and Colorado BlueBubby Upton (GBR) and ColaCaroline Powell (NZL) and Greenacres Special CavalierDan Jocelyn (NZL) and Blackthorn CruiseDan Jocelyn (NZL) and Cooley One To ManyDr Caroline Clarke (GBR) and Touch Too MuchDr Caroline Clarke (GBR) and Touch Too MuchEmily King (GBR) and Valmy BiatsFelicity Collins (GBR) and RSH Contend ORFelix Vogg (CHF) and CartaniaFiona Kashel (GBR) and WSF CarthagoFiona Kashel (GBR) and WSF Carthago