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Vittoria Panizzon and Monarchs ExclusiveDulcie Sanders and ZalineroVittoria Panizzon and Monarchs ExclusiveVittoria Panizzon and Monarchs ExclusiveDaniel Scott and Fame Van ThiunasAndrew Downes and Latino HSophie Platt and Spring DistinctionAlice Sandberg and CecilioHarry Meade and Away CruisingTanaka Toshiyuki and Balla Star BayKristina Hall-Jackson and Lemington Lets DanceKristina Hall-Jackson and Lemington Lets DanceSophie Aylmer and Whod Have Thought ItRudolphe Scherer and Todd De SuzanCaroline Edwards and Baggrave Summer SolsticeBlyth Tait and Darius IVRebecca Nicholson and Sporting UnoAmy Pickford and Romany IVRebecca Godleman and Magnifico IIRebecca Godleman and Magnifico II