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Aleh Hua Tian and TemujinRik Geirnaert and Cooley SurpriseTanaka Toshiyuki and Balla Star BayTanaka Toshiyuki and Balla Star BayKatie Barber and Lisheen ChocolateRosalind Canter and CekatinkaCaroline Dyer and Fernhill Bright EchoHatty Doherty and Grianagh QE DempseyTom How checking his watch approaching the finishing lineAmanda Green and Maximus TiberiusEmily McLane and GenerosoEmily McLane and GenerosoJemma Whitlam and CeciliaEmily McLane and GenerosoNicolas Bordas and Tchekhov RougeSarah Stretton and Kapello IIAlex Hua Tian and Don GeniroChristie Panda and IcebergPiggy French and Rumpy CorleoneAnastasia Beskhmelnitskaya and Cascade des Negres