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Oliver Townend and ArmadaLucy Jackson and Animator IISam Griffiths and  Happy TimesDirk Schrade and Hop and SkipBill Levett and HippolyteRuth Edge and RogersdaleRuth Edge and RogersdaleRuth Edge and RogersdaleSam Penn and Seven O SevenGeorgie Spence and Running Brook IILouisa Milne-Home and King EiderLouisa Milne-Home and King EiderWilliam Fox-Pitt and Parklane HawkJeanette Brakewell and Ideal SebastianJeanette Brakewell and Ideal SebastianSarah Bulimore and Valentino VOliver  Townend and ArmadaOlivia Wilmot and Cool DancerAndrew Nicholson and AveburySam Griffiths and  Happy Times