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Nicola Wilson and Bee DiplomaticRuth Edge and Carnival Prince IICaroline Powell and Boston Two TipPeter Thomsen and Cayenne 111Peter Thomsen and Cayenne 111Tim Lips  and Concrex OncarlosEmily Baldwin and DrivetimeEmily Baldwin and DrivetimeSimone Deitermann and Free Easy NRWSimone Deitermann and Free Easy NRWIngrid Klimke and FRH Butts AbraxxasPippa Funnelll and Mirage d' ElleFrank Ostholt and Mr MedicottKatrin Norling and Pandora EmmKatrin Norling and Pandora EmmJoe Meyer and SanskritLinda Algotsson and Stand By MeKai-Steffan Meier and TSF Karascada MMichael Jung and Weidezaunprofi's River of JoyPippa Funnelll Walking the Showjumping Course