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Zara Phillips and High KingdomZara Phillips and High KingdomPeter Thomsen and Horsewares BarnyJamie Atkinson and Direct DilemmaCaroline Powell and LenamoreCaroline Powell and LenamoreDaisy Berkeley and MopaniAndrew Nicholson and AveburyLudwig Svennerstal and TempranilloKarin Donckers and Lamicell IniqueNicola Wilson and Opposition BuzzKai-Steffen Meier and TSF KarascadamKai-Steffen Meier and TSF KarascadamKathryn Robinson and Let It BeeWilliam Fox-Pitt and Neuf Des CoeursVirginie Caulier and Nepal Du SudreLucy Jackson and Animator IIEllen Svennerstal and SouthwayKarin Donkers and Extebaria Van Het VerahofChristoffer Forsberg and Lefuria