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Ingrid Klimke and Kai-Steffan Meier out for a strollNicola Wilson and Opposition BuzzNicola Wilson in the Dressage Practice area  Ian Woodhead Head Girl  Lynn Swift and Tracey RobinsonBoston Two Tip and Onwards and Upwards having a pick of grass in front of Badminton HouseRuediger Schwarz and Bettina Hay discuss the best approach to the HSBC Market PlaceHarry Meade Walking the courseCharlotte Agnew and Out of Africa IICharlotte Agnew leaving the Dressage ArenaSteffano Brecciaroli leaving the StablesPer Magnusson Sports Director Malmo 2013Pippa Funnelll nd Aoife Clarke walking the XC courseReflection in the Judges BoxVittoria Panizzon and Borough Pennyz leaving the Dressage Arena