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Polly Stockton and Direct BeechfieldPolly Stockton and Direct BeechfieldPolly Stockton and Direct BeechfieldHannah Bate and Don JulioHannah Bate and Don JulioAlice Montgomery and Maximus Meridius IILuke Wilding-Steele and Gingerbread HouseLucinda Fredericks and Britannias MailLucinda Fredericks and Britannias MailLine Andresen and Blazie BoyPolly Stockton and Direct BeechfieldManon Job and Orson De GonteryElizabeth Power and Creevagh Miss Ferro SLRachel Ferries and Foxes Rescue MeSarah Healy and Saratoga CandymanJessica Williams and Ricard LibraPaul Tapner and CounterpartyAlex Hua Tian and TemujinVirginia Wells and Cooley Absolute AttitudeGeorge Coe and La Contadina