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Piggy French and Kiltealy BriefCaroline Powell and Onwards and UpwardsSammi Mcleod  and L G WellingtonMark Todd and Leonidas IIBetina Hoy and Designer  10Amy Crerar and Fernhill Rock StarOliver Townend and ODT GhareebOliver Townend and ODT GhareebCharlie Pickman and WardentoAlexander Bragg and  ZagrebAntoinette Mc Keowen and Majestic FlightAndrew Nicholson and QuimboIzzy Taylor and KBIS StarchaserIzzy Taylor and KBIS StarchaserIzzy Taylor and KBIS StarchaserPiggy French and Kiltealy BriefMark Todd and Leonidas IIMark Todd and Leonidas IIBettina Hoy and Designer 10Zara philips and Black Tuxedo