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Oliver Townend and Andrew NicholsonOliver Townend and Andrew NicholsonEmily Gilruth and Bay Carrick RoadHector Payne and Blue MoonshineGemma Tattersall and  Quicklook VAndrew Downes and Kimberleys CrusaderMark Todd and MK San CeroArthur Duffort andCemieNick Gauntlet and Tomgar ShowtimeAnna Horton and Ardfield ExpressMichael JacksonMichael Jackson and TreloarJuliet Wood and Easy Tiger IVWilla Newton and Santa Cruz ThreeGemma Tattersal and Dinky InkyPixie Thomas and Sportsfield KerrygoldEmily Gilruth and Topwood BeauAndrew Nicholson and UlisesAndrew Nicholson and Ulises