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Giovanni Ugolotti and Stilo KontikaCapt. Brian Curran-CournaneCapt. Brian Curran-CournaneKarim Florent Laghouag and Punch des l'EsquesNicola Wilson and IndeNicola Wilson and IndeJean-Luc Bigot and Johara de Petra HNAndreas Ostholt and So is EtSam Griffiths and Paulank BrockaghSam Griffiths and Paulank BrockaghNicolai Aldinger and Incaletta CHNicolai Aldinger and Incaletta CHNicolai Aldinger and Incaletta CHManuel Grave and SamaritanoManuel Grave and SamaritanoBeeke Kaack and Summersby 24Emily Baldwin and Drivetime in the collecting ring after Jumping clearEmily Baldwin and DrivetimeFrank Ostholt and Sir MedicottOliver Townend and Arctic Mouse