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Donatien Schauly and Pivoine Des TouchesPiggy French & DHI Topper WKathryn Robinson and Let It BeeYumira Takayuki & HooliganAndreas Riedl & Jabadaba DooLogan Rawlings & Jaybee Star CelebrityJayne Doherty The Only OneJoseph Murphey & ChuckelberryPiggy French & DHI Topper WPiggy French & DHI Topper WPiggy French & DHI Topper WSandra Auffarth & ParancsAlex Hua Tian and Furst LoveRaf Kooremans & Cavalor TelstarBrian Nunez-Hughes and  Libro ArchiePippa Funnelll & Billy ShannonPippa Funnelll & Billy ShannonPippa Funnelll and Billy ShannonAndrew Nicholson & Viscount GeorgeJoris Van Springel & Limestone