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Georgie Spence and WII LimboMarianne Ames and Global VentureCaroline Powell and  Thornfield JonesChris J Hall and Killard EnigmaKate Hamer and Touchdown CharlieCaroline Edwards  and ApapaCaroline Edwards  and ApapaPaul Simms and CaladorMarylyn Little-Meredith and RF Rovano RexLouise Harwood and Whitson dodging a loose DogFrancis Whittington and Easy TargetOliver Townend and Outside ChanceSarah Wardell and Killeenduff BoyGinny Howe and DivilabitPolly Stockton and BenromachPolly Stockton and BenromachRudolphe Scherer and Makara De MontiegeWilliam Fox-Pitt and SeacookieJonelle Richards and THe Deputy