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Bill Levett and Shannondale TitanMark Todd and Leonidas IIJohan Lundin and Jonny CashOliver Townend and ArmadaLara de Liederkerke and DucatiAustin O'Conor and Ringwood MississippiClare Abbott and Euro PrinceTiana Coudray and Ringwood MagisterKristina Cook and De Novo NewsWendy Schaeffer Koyuna Sun DancerPaul Tapner and KilronanTim Lips and Keyflow NopTim Lips and Keyflow NopHarry Meade and Wild LonePaul Sims and GlengarnockPascal Leroy and Minos De PetraLouisa Milne Home and King EiderLudwig Svennerstal