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Rosie Fry and Bankon LouieFrederico Riso and Well MeasuredSarah Stretton and Skip On IIAngus Smales and Clover HeroMattia Luciani and Horsewares ParkoPaul Simms and Call of the SearchLaura Collett and Noble BestmanLaura Collett and Noble BestmanGireg Le Coz Logann De RohisRosie Fry and Bankon LouieEmily Galbraith and TimingEmily Galbraith and TimingStefano Fioravanti and Nodin D' OrvalFrederico Riso and Well MeasuredBen Hodday and Guna Be GoodSophie Jenman and GeronimoOrlane Hillereau and Naome De GlainJames Sommerville and Freddie IIJames Sommerville and Freddie IIThomas Blain and Little Rock Ship