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Adam Gillespie and Cilmore EditionHarriiet Dickin and Suzie BellJessica Watts and ColanskiEmily Pope and Kelsons LotteryLizzie Tillard and Twiggy KrafftSophie Freeman and Ballyea RoseJessica Quinian and ZInzan TigerRachael Alton and Hughie IILara Wallace and Destiny IIISam Ecroyd and Belmont VirlandieVictoria Smith and NutkinFrancesca Sargent and The Sky masterAnna Nichols and EbonyJemima Upton and Kileen OisinPippa Gloag and Trafalgar BlueWill Rawlin and Diamond CounterTom Jackson and Fiddlers Waltham Fiddlers FindAbigail Boulton and Tilston Tic TocGergia Hatton-Brown and OnnoAlice Walker  and Thin Ice