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Clark Montgomery and Loughan GlenClark Montgomery and Loughan GlenHarry Meade and Wild LonePiggy French and JakataZara Phillips and High KingdomWilliam Fox-PittWilliam Fox-Pitt and Chilli MorningJayne Doherty and RavenstarFraser Duffy and PrimusCamilla SpeirsCamilla SpeirsCamilla Speirs and Portersize Just a JiffCamilla Speirs and Portersize Just a JiffElaine PennAndrew Heffernan and  Millthyme CorollaMerel Blom and Rumour Has ItTim Lips and Keyflow N.O.PAstier NicolasAstier NicolasPascal Leroy and Minos De Petra