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Dirk Demeersman and Bufero Van Het PanishofPenelope Leprevost and Flora De MariposaPatrick Stuhlemeyer and Lentitas 2Billy Twomey and Tinkaa's SeranadeLars Nieberg and ContagioPatrice Delaveau and Orient Express HDCMeredith Michaels-BeerbaumRobert Smith and CeciliaShane Carey and Ballymore EustacePius Scwizer and La CrossThomas Weinberg and EscobarNicola Philippaerts and CortezLudger Beerbaum and ZinedineLuciana Diniz and Lady LindenhofHenrik Von Eckermann and Gotha FRHJan Wernke and LorelliBilly Twomey and Tinka's  SerenadeDavid Will and Black Jack 163Janika Sprunger and Uptown Boy