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Practice Area at PauChristian Aschard  and Look alikes at the Final Trot UpMary King puts the finishing touches to Imperial Cavalier before Trot UpCaroline PowellSpectator relaxes during a break in the Cross CountryMary King and Imperial  Cavalier  enter the Dressage arena for their 4 Star TestA Spectator wats for the Dressage  to BeginErik Duvander and Andrew Nicholson Negotiate the Dressage Arena whilst  Wheeling the 4 Star TrackRaking the Dressage ArenaWatering the Dressage ArenaEntering the Dressage AreanaTrot UpRuth Edge and Nick of Thyme with Judy HarveyYogi Breisner  watchs Mary King and Imperial Cavalier in the dressage practice area Pau 2011Ruth Edge and Nick of ThymeYogi Breisner and Tracey RobinsonGillian Kyle inspecting preparations  at the Dressage Arena