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Alfie Bradstock and Montezuma IIGrace Walker and Noble SpriingbokSam Ecroyd and Catherston NutsafeGrace Walker and Noble SpriingbokAngela Dennehy and Rose DownAngela Dennehy and Rose DownAnne Moloney and NonoSarah O'Brien and Ice Cool BaileyCarla Lefaure and Kisaute HD D' OthonCaroline Jensen and Orchard Freedom ScanBianca Walton and Noerlunds Cape TownSophie De Cartier De Marchienne and Pahunto Den TipSophie De Cartier De Marchienne and Pahunto Den TipStefanie Benfeldt and DaraMarissa Braig and AndyKatie Moffatt and Iratu VaragnacKatie Moffatt and Iratu VaragnacMichelle Mothes and Two BitsJodie O'Keeffe and Castleview Rakish MillySaskia Wasseergerg and Lady Leslie